Yes, Aaron is a reader. He learned to read at school and by practicing reading. Aaron learn to read by the alphabet and knowing the sound of each letter. Aaron read because He love to read, reading is fun, helpful, he can learn alot from reading, sometimes he doesnt have a choice. To be a good reader Aaron will have to read alot and pratice. Reading something He is intersted in is very helpful and makes it easy to read. The hardest part of reading is the large words and if its not intersting. When Aaron chooses a book to read he look for a funny book that looks intersting and he can relate too. At home he read prolly like everynight but not books like on Twitter and Facebook. Reading is what ever, thats how i feel about it.
Yes Aaron is a writer. he learned to write by getting a twitter and having to update his status. Aaron writes because it is fun, creative, and you can write about anything you think of. In order for Aaron to write well they he has to put currect punctuations and know how to spell. Aaron likes to write about silly things. anything he can just goof around with he loves to write about it. Aaron likes to write about cats because they are just mean. His ideas come from his brain and how much he dislikes cats! postive response helps Aaron become a better writer. At home Aaron writes all the time. He is always on twitter, facebook, and updating his Tumblr (blog). writing in general is just awesomely amazing.