Abby would currently define science fiction as a genre of a story, movie, TV show, book, etc, that is often set in the future or involves outerspace, alien life or advanced technology.

Science fiction is important to Abby because it is something she really enjoys to read/watch, and it makes her think outside the box and more about what could possibly be happening around us.

Abby hopes to learn how to make all her ideas into something people would actually like to read. This will help her in a meaningful way by teaching her to put more thought into her writing and ideas.

A Letter to My Readers....

Dear Reader

Creative Writing:)

Abby's First Creative Writing Story: "Do Not Go Outside"

Abby's Second Creative Writing Story: "The Final Destination"

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The Girl In The Time Machine

Multi Genre Project!

Multi Genre Notes Page

Artifact 1: Time Travel Troubles

Artifact 2: Wordle

Artifact 3: Time Travel Brochure

Artifact 4: Glogster Ad

The Part in Which I Reflect Upon Myself.

Self Reflection