Senior_pics_065.jpgAdam is a reader. He first learned to read in kindergarten, after which he taught his younger brother how to read also. He beleives that people read for several reasons: (1) as an escape (2) for personal edification (3) for educational purposes (4) and for enjoyment. In order to be a good reader, one must lose a lot of yourself when reading. You must put yourself "in the author's shoes" and read from the perspective of the writer. What makes reading easy for Adam is that he generally enjoys it, and is a fast reader. The hardest part of reading for Adam is sometimes he just gets "bogged down" in a book or novel or just plain cannot understand what the author is trying to communicate. To choose a book to read, Adam will read a review of it, and if it looks interesting or unique in some way he will try it and see if he enjoys it. The qualities he looks for in a good book are (1) an interesting plot (2) character development (3) enough action to keep him interested (4) and a good writing style. Adam reads at home whenever he gets the chance, which is getting less and less with all the other committments he has in his life. Adam feels that reading good literature is essential for developing one's character.

Adam is a writer. He first learned to write in school, somewhere in the low grades, probably first. People write for many reasons (1) to communicate (2) to express feeling or emotion (3) or educate another person. In order to be a good writer, one has to know how to communicate well, and to be able to express themselves in words. Adam likes to write primarily non-fiction. Adam decides what to write about by either answering a question or expressing a random idea that has been floating around in his head. When Adam recieves a specific response telling him what he can do better in any given writing, it helps Adam write better. He rarely writes at home. In general, Adam feels that although writing is not his favorite thing ever, he could grow to like it.

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