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Adam currently defines science fiction as a genre of fictional writing that incorporates one or more elements of science in the future. Science fiction is important to Adam in that it is a great creative form of writing that he finds very enjoyable to read. Adam hopes, through this science fiction class, to learn more about science fiction, how to read it, and how to write it. He believes that this will help in a real way in that it will enable him to become a better writer. Adam's primary interest in science fiction is as an exploration of possibilities and as food for thought. The questions Adam wants to answer through this study are: (1) Why do we write science fiction? (2) Where does the inspiration for science fiction come from? (3) What can one gain through reading science fiction? (4) How can science fiction explore new possibilities for science in a harmless environment? (5) What is science fiction so alluring to read? The information sources Adam thinks he will use or need as of now are the books themselves and the internet to find out more in-depth information on the books I have read.

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