Adam is a reader and he learned to read the basics from his mom and other family and he learned also from his teachers at school. People read for many different reasons such as fun, education, awareness, and other things. Adam thinks to be a good reader one must have to enjoy their reading and set a time period aside each day for it. Reading is easy for Adam because he enjoys it. The hardest part about reading for Adam is that he is a slow reader and he enjoys long books so sometimes it takes him a very long time to finish a book. Adam chooses what books he is going to read by many different aspects, recommendations or anything that looks good at the book store. He doesn't have specific qualities its just whatever looks good. The amount Adam reads at home depends on the season...during the summer he may read every night, in other seasons he reads less. In general Adam likes reading but its not his favorite thing to do.

Adam is a writer and he learned to write from his family and teachers and himself. People Write for many different reasons such as their job, enjoyment, and school. They have to know grammatical rules to writing and be creative. Adam enjoys all writing from essays to books. Adams Ideas normally come from his imagination and he writes about whatever he feels like writing at that point. He likes when people tell the truth about his writing and don't just say they like it for no reason. How often do you write at home? During the summer he writes a good amount and during school he only writes for school. Adam likes what he writes and he enjoys writing very much.

Senior Project
Staying Active Research Plan

    1. Leadership and the American Dream
      1. The Great Gatsby blog
      2. The Great Gatsby essay choice
      3. Creative Writing
    2. Leadership in Action
      1. Presentation
      2. Research Plan
      3. Annotated Bibliography
      4. Journal / blog
      5. Persuasive Essay
      6. Reflective Essay
      7. Presentation Rubric
      8. Final Exam Essay