yes i am a reader, i learned by going to school and practicing. people read to understand things. to be a good reader i think you have to practice, read all the time. to read on my own pace makes it easy for me to read and it has to be quiet. NO DISTRACTIONS. the hardest part about reading is distractions, people talking to me and long reading passages. i honestly look for interesting covers or books that people talk about.i never read at home, only if i have to or if im reading a very good book. in general how do i feel about reading? i dont think its terrible its not my number one priority but if i really enjoy the book or if i have to read i will.

yes i am a writer. i learned to write by going to school and practicing just like reading. people write to learn and it helps you read. for someone to write well they must keep writing and practicing. i like to free write, but i also like a little direction.i would rather not decide what i write about i like to be told what to write about so i dont really have much ideas. i do like when teachers mark whats wrong but i would like them to tell me what there looking for and for them to be specific. i dont write much at home, but i write more then i read at home. i really like to write i would rather write than read.