Alissa is a reader. She learned to read early in elementary school with the help of her mother and teachers.Her first memories of reading go back to kindergarden and learning the alphabet. Her teacher put up one candy letter poster each week. Sadly, only Cotton Candy C still comes to mind. Alissa also remembers taking tests over letters and sounds. Her first favorite book was One Moon, One Sun. She really can't imagine life without reading. People read because it is a basic form of communication. From novels and memos to road signs and food labels, reading is everywhere. Alissa thinks people read most often to learn, whether it be information for school or daily life. However, people also can read for entertainment. In order to be a good reader, one has to practice. Knowledge of spelling, grammar, and vocabulary also helpto become a good reader. Since reading draws on information from other subject areas, it is also helpful to haveknowledge of history, science, art, culture, etc. Alissa thinks reading is easy for her because she read often at a young age. There was no stopping after One Moon, One Sun. She read hundreds of books from Amelia Bedelia to the Magic Tree House Series, to Harry Potter. The hardest part of reading for Alissa now is that she doesn't have as much time for it. It is also difficult for her to stay focused on assigned materials. Alissa looks for a few things when choosing books. She looks for things that are well written but not overly wordy. And let's face it, she can never pass up a good fantasy novel. Alissa tries to readat home a few nights a week. In general, she likes reading and wishes she had more time for it.
Alissa is also a writer. She learned to write in school when she learned to read. She remembers drawing letters in the big books with dotted lines (also used in the high school's drafting class). She used to write stories in elementary and middle school and became a much better writer from the practice. People write for the same reason they read. It is another basic way of communication whether it is to express ideas, instructions, facts or feelings. In order to write well, people must be able to read and understand the parts of language. Alissa enjoys writing papers. She used to do some story writing at home as well. She enjoys almost everything, but poetry is her least favorite. Alissa decides what she writes about depending on what she is writing about. Essay ideas come from in class discussions and thoughts on books read. Other writing ideas come from her reading. Criticism helps her as a writer to expand her ideas and writing style. Alissa does not write often at home.

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