Caitlin is an avid reader mostly of fiction, namely fantasy. She has been reading since she was very young, ever since her sister started reading her the Harry Potter series in the first grade. That remains to be one of her favorite series, but she has added to her list over the years. Her favorites now include the Inheritance Cycle, the Wheel of Time series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the Bar Code Tatoo and the Bar Code Rebellion, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Nightrunner series, the Circle trilogy, and many, many others.

Caitlin believes that people read for three main reasons: they read because it's required, because they want information, and becuase it's fun. A good reader is someone who gets something out of what they read. Someone who reads a hundred books but never learns anything from them, or it doesn't make them think, is not a good reader. A good reader chooses to read and will explore different genres to find what they like. If one reads literature, he or she should get some type of message from the text. Even if it's commercial fiction, it should still be enjoyable and the reader should be able to make connections to other stories or real life.

Caitlin finds reading to be easy because it is always an adventure. It entertains and engages her. Every story is unique in the characters, the plot, and the way it is written. No two stories are exactly alike and Caitlin loves finding the similarities and making the connections. The hardest part of reading for her is trying to figure out and understand everything the author is implying. She tends to get caught up in the story and miss some important implications. This is part of the reason she will reread the books that she enjoys the most; so that she can take another look and find the little details she missed the last time. Rereading always uncovers something new. Caitlin chooses what to read by what sounds interesting to her. She tends to prefer things that engage her imagination; things that are set in other worlds with different species or magic in them. She mostly reads books that seem like they will have a good adventure and are have a complex plot, though she does find even simpler stories can be entertaining.

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