profile.jpgTaylor is a senior at Mt. Pleasant High School and was taught how to read by her grandmother at a very young age. She believes people read for different reasons, whether it's to find out information, or just for their own entertainment. In order to be a good reader, one must be able to challenge themselves and have a large vocabulary. It is also helpful, but not necessary, to be interested in the book you're reading, because it makes things easier. Reading for Taylor is easy because she started reading at such a young age and picks up on things easily. The hardest part of reading for Taylor would have to be when things are written in different styles like poetry or old english. She has to try a lot harder to understand exactly what's going on. When looking for a book to read, Taylor reads the short description on the back and look at the front cover. She love books with lots of suspense and twists to them. Taylor reads at home quite often, and is always looking for new books to read. She loves reading overall, however she likes entertainment reading better than knowledge reading.

Taylor first started writing at home with help from her parents, however she didn't write a whole lot until she started school. Along with reading, she believes people write for different reasons as well. It could be for their own entertainment, or maybe they want to share information with others. In order to write well, you must have a clear understanding of how sentences are put together. No one is going to want to read something with no punctuation or bad word order. In Taylor's writings, she has taken her love for suspense reading into consideration. Taylor usually writes short stories or novels with lots of "surprising" moments in them. Taylor also likes writing captions for pictures. When deciding what she want to write about, Taylor usually makes a list of possible plots or situations in a notebook, then lists possible characters and works from there. Her ideas are usually made up randomly in her head, but sometimes she will read or look at something that sparks an idea. Taylor submits her stories online a lot, and to her, the more critique the better. It helps Taylor understand what she's doing wrong and how she can improve. Taylor writes at home a lot as well, usually when she gets a good idea for her story. Writing is Taylor's passion, and she wishes to go to college to improve her writing ability.

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